November 11, 2017

Joys and Woes of Being a DIY Self Employed Artist, Part 1: Branding

“Siouxsie Romack Photography” – so inventive, huh?

Lots of places I could have started this series. I’ll pick branding because it happens to be something I’m dealing with right now therefore my opinions are pretty fresh. Basic business knowledge I would think tells you (I say “think” because I should reiterate I’m a DIY pro speaking purely out of experience, observation, whatever data I’ve scrounged up for the semblance of an educated answer re. business practices!) if you want a business of your own you will need a brand/identity, like a catchy name and a logo. Those are imperative for drawing clients and presenting yourself as a legitimate service or producer, no matter what marketing campaign.

For me, when I first put my two feet into the photography world back in 1997 I needed something quick and went with what everyone else seemed to do. Thus officially began “Siouxsie Romack Photography” – so inventive, huh? Well it was either that or Photos by Siouxsie Romack…Nehh. I sat down, opened up our early bootleg version of Illustrator and clicked into creation a little logo composed of my initials. It was a sleek strait modern-y looking font centered in a circle with brackets, mimicking my camera’s viewfinder. I still have a t shirt I made for myself with some cheap iron-on transfer paper, amazing it’s lasted through almost 20 years of washing!

My husband worked in a print shop at the time so I got deals on beautiful vellum business cards and a big stack of professionally printed envelopes with my logo/contact info for packaging prints in. It was awesome, I felt legit and was ready to go conquer the world through good impressions. I’ve held on to that logo and use it still though at this point in my journey I’m feeling the need for an update.

Soo. I’m considering dropping Siouxsie Romack. Ha, sounds like I’m giving up on myself but no, not completely. I actually like using that quirky first name spelling…it’s generated countless conversations over the years and I usually don’t mind a cordial chat with strangers every now and then :]  S-i-o-u-x will likely remain in the mix, I’ve used this play of vowels in a couple different online handles and now I’m toying with the idea of turning to one of them.

Switching up my photography biz name means new cards, possibly an all new url for this website – o no! Not sure how to change that. New everything for any advertising, commerce and legal statuses. Gosh when and where to begin? I hope you’ll bear with me as I experiment and explore this change. Do you think it’s a good thing to take a full name out of an individual’s business nomenclature? Guess I’ma bout to find out!

Just One…of the joys and woes of being a self employed artist.