Thank you for your views and visit here, it’s a joy to be able to share some of my vision with you.

Because I was raised by a sharp-eyed shutterbug mother we had a variety of compact cameras, regular visits to Kmart for developing film, and a steady stream of prints, and those were the constant familiarities of my childhood.

It follows I would grow up comfortable with taking pictures, but it was only after using an SLR for the first time in my early twenties that I truly discovered the power of a camera, leading me to pursue a more serious relationship with photography. A few years of experimentation and work at the lab led to shooting for a local newspaper, after which I’ve enjoyed many seasons as a freelance photographer.

Whether in portraits, products, landscapes, life documentation or anything in between, it’s my great pleasure to create visual interpretations.

ART. Your motivation or relaxation, escape or expression, whatever – it’s your very own place of freedom.