What They Said

“Our shoot with Siouxsie was so special and fun, she helped us feel at ease and we are in love with the final results! Her creativity and unique shots really added a lot to what we wanted to do.” 

Lizbet Kloot Palmer, Dallas


“A human armed with more than just a good camera. She’s got a keen eye for “kodak moments”. A nice sense of humor and her photography can keep you entertained, make you think and/or make you laugh.”

Irfan Quershi, London


“In my business I have worked with top industry photographers and consider Siouxsie one of the best eyes I’ve ever worked with. She has a passion for the artistic uniqueness of any setting, and is well established in the technical knowledge needed to pull an amazing shoot off even in the most difficult lighting and pressure situations. She is an innovative mind, so I find that her work both supports my objectives, and also is set apart from the masses in ways that is rare to this field.”

Ezra Vancil, Dallas


“I really enjoy Siouxsie’s diversity and humor and her enjoyment of photography. Proof that she can shoot anything and can find a shot where you least expect it.
Her style is one that continually impresses me. In fact, she is both an inspiration AND motivation to me. And she also makes me laugh with her wicked sense of humor.
Not only can you find humor but you can find everything from love, creativity, originality, personality, inventiveness, and artistry in her work. As long as you are a photographer Siouxsie, I will continue to be a fan.”

Mando Alvarez, McAllen


“Everything about Siouxsie’s photos is balancing between the obvious and the state that it really penetrates you emotionally and intellectually. Having one of the qualities only a great photographer can acquire through continuous study of the subject, Siouxsie has the ability to keep a realistic whilst sensible and sensitive point of view. Her art speaks a clear and poetic language and the more she tries to be detached from the subject, the more she feels connected to it. I am glad I found her in flickr, her soul in her pictures and sayings and hope to remain a contact for such a giving and talented person, she really is.”

Minas Papadopoulos, Thessoloniki